My Virtual Art Workshops, which are LIVE, allow you to immerse yourself in the experience of creating your own artwork whilst taking yourself on a journey of exploration and learning techniques in a relaxed and supported environment. It is a space for you to choose to ‘gift’ yourself the time just for you. Creating art is not simply creating a piece of art. It is so much more than that. It is a way that we can express ourselves and realise our full potential. I will lead you through the creative and exciting process of self exploration and learning. I will be focusing on how you can achieve the best results you personally can achieve, whilst using other renowned artist’s work as references!

The AMAZING thing about virtual LIVE art sessions is that you not only have the comfort of producing your own artwork in your own space, which enhances the creative process of expression and feeling safe and secure to do so, you also do not have any obligation to show your artwork to me. It is your personal creative journey and you can choose how to ‘show up’ to each session.

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Art Workshops

What will you gain?

The course will not only allow you the much needed ‘me’ time that we all need to provide ourselves with, but it will start to create a clearer sense of self and what is achievable in your life. You will gain confidence with the art as well as yourself as a whole. the creative process is incredibly understated and is the grounding force for us to feel whole in our lives. We all work, we all sleep, we all brush our teeth and eat. We all do the things we need to do to survive, but we almost always forget the creative side. the play aspect of your life! This course will bring you into being more aware of the present and the moments in life. Seeing beauty and colour, sharing with a group, a sense of belonging.

Why do the course?

The course will allow you to express yourself and achieve more than you thought you were capable of. Expressing ourselves is ultimately is what is missing from most of our lives to some degree. This course will start to open up those possibilities that you thought were once impossible. You will start to understand yourself more and live the life you know you want. you will be living a balanced life with play involved. Creating and sharing!

Who are these courses for?

The course is for anyone who knows they would like to be creative and play more in life! Have fun, find out a bit more about themselves and ‘gift’ themselves the time for them. Any ages are welcome, although over 18 would benefit the most from the group coaching as it is more of a mature setting.

How does it work?

I will be hosting each session and I will be guiding you through the whole creative process of what we will be doing each session. If you want to see what it is like to do an online LIVE art coaching session: Sign up for a free 30min workshop as I would love to coach you! If you can any questions or need anymore information, email me at anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!

£15 - Group 1 hr Workshop in St Albans


Being someone who freely expresses herself through written word, I was a bit apprehensive about creating artwork during my Creative Coaching session with Emmylou. I was excited for the call and knew it would be amazing. I also knew it would push me out of my comfort zone and wasn’t sure if I was ready for that!Her guided grounding exercise set the stage for the energy of the call and her compassion and intuitive insights were spot on! She could sense my frustration as I struggled to get it “right” - crumpling up sketch after sketch. 

Emmylou asked me to pause for a moment to breathe. She guided me through relaxing my mind into a place where I could tap into my own emotions. From that heart-centered space my creativity flourished. 

Emotions came up that I hadn’t realized were laying dormant beneath the surface. What a tremendously therapeutic experience! Emmylou has masterfully combined her passions for art and teaching, with her innate soul gifts of intuition and genuine human connection to create a fabulously inspiring online course that anyone would grow tremendously from participating in. 

Emmylou’s energy is warm, grounded and present. She cares equally as much about her clients well-being as she does about sharing her creative knowledge to help them foster creativity and soul growth within themselves. Whether you are looking to tap into your inner creative, seeking art therapy or interested in trying something new - I highly recommend enrolling in one of Emmylou’s Online Creative Coaching sessions!
— Amber Rae Strong, Intuitive Quantum Life Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, Author

“Emmylou's 30 minutes taster Creative Workshop was a much needed breath of fresh air. Even though I haven’t picked up a pencil or paintbrush in many years, she quickly allayed any fears I had about my ability and in the next 30 minutes proceeded to bring out a much more creative side in me.

Those 30 minutes flew by so fast, but even in that short space of time Emmylou was able to use her intuition and experience to help me shape an idea that I wanted to express and to put that on to paper. Her patience and care throughout the session is clear to see as she guides, and nudges you, and shares her creative insight.

I would not hesitate to say for those wanting to try something a little different, even if drawing is outside your normal comfort zone, I thoroughly recommend giving one of these workshops a go, and who knows, you might even surprise yourself with hidden creativity! Thank you Emmylou!”


I first met Emmylou when my son attended her children’s art workshops. When she first advertised an adult course, I leapt at the opportunity to reacquaint myself with art. I attended several art classes in a group and enjoyed it. Now Emmylou has given me the chance via her on-line one-to-one art classes to focus and concentrate on improving and expanding upon my creative energies in art in the comfort of my own home with no distractions. We start with warm-up grounding exercises, including a speedy creation of artwork – this first one was in huge chalks! This really loosens up my body whilst focussing my mind totally in creating and having fun. We then set to the more serious business of creating a piece of art inspired by a picture Emmylou showed me. She gives you lots of examples of works by well-known and lesser well-known artists to inspire medium and style for your own picture.

I found it beneficial that in this situation, Emmylou cannot see my work-in-progress without me stopping and showing it to her which meant that she was less able to make suggestions as I work than when in a physical setting. This gave me far more confidence in my own abilities and felt very free. I ended up feeling that I truly owned my piece of art. Emmylou will play music which enhances the experience although is happy not to should you prefer silence. We were able to exchange ideas about how I felt, what media and subject was appealing on that day and comments on the work-in-progress. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm. I would highly recommend Emmylou’s on-line art course to anyone wishing to improve upon their art or start from the beginning especially as she clearly outlines techniques and creates a picture herself working with you so it’s a very collaborative and supportive approach.

— Michelle Game
Emmylou has an incredible way of making you feel calm and connected to yourself. She starts of the session making you feel as comfortable and present as possible, which is very impressive seeing as how it is over the computer screen! She was inviting and warm and I loved the exercises that she had me do. Emmylou is wise, creative, and inspiring and can really help you visualize your dream and come up with ways to make it happen. Thank you so much, Emmylou!
— Jessica Altchiler