Emmylou is a creative coach and artist. She paints large canvases as well as everyday paintings such as her ‘Vision Series’ Paint a Day, which was an incredible thing for her to do as it not only developed her discipline, but also her skills and creative approaches to everything in her life. The drips in Emmylou’s artwork are integral to her concept as they explain the tears: raw, vulnerable and deep emotions we all feel when creating something new, "Beautiful things get created through pain”. Having gone through severe depression at the end of 2016, Emmylou threw myself into her art and created rituals that changed her life completely, healing the condition through creative change and lifestyle.

Emmylou was born in England to a French mother and a father who is half German, which she feels, made her upbringing quite diverse and innovative!

Growing up, her family did not have a television which meant she had to create her own sense of entertainment. Emmylou would play for hours and hours out in the garden with mud and whatever she could lay her hands, on which was not always received well by my mother;) She would cut cardboard boxes into Barbie doll houses and create rivers for her PlayMobil, using Evian water bottles cut into halves. Emmylou cannot remember a time where she was bored until the family got a television which is so interesting to her now!


‘We all seek for amusement, stimulation and entertainment. We get annoyed when our phones are slow or we are stuck in a traffic jam, but we have forgotten the blessing and wonderment of the simple things in life. How amazing is it to have running water and for our bodies to take us up and down stairs! This simple outlook is why I set up my online LIVE creative coaching. I want to help people create a piece of art which incorporates their emotions, using back to basic techniques and materials, but delivered through the amazing medium of technology!’

Emmylou studied Art Foundation at Hertfordshire University and completed a BA HONS in Middlesex University. She has coached art to over 13,000 students in 17 years from 4 year olds to the elderly and seen such amazing results, both in the person and the art pieces created. Emmylou has loved art and painted all her life. Art, play as well as being able to create in general, has been a powerful tool for Emmylou in her life and she wants you to experience the positive impact for yourself which ultimately changes everything!

As a creative coach and an artist, she wants the viewer’s response to her artwork, and the clients that she coaches, to feel a sense of self empowerment, passion and inspiration to live fully, authentically and be true to who they are!.