December 2017 - Say YES!

I have been back now for over a month and I must say that although I was feeling home sick for both America and France, I decided that I am to finish all the projects that I have been meaning to complete and start my 2018 fresh! This was my goal!!

Creative Progress: I have been painting a painting a day and I was sooooo impressed at how many people commented on my work and bought it and from this, I have now had commissions so I am delighted as I set out to do this for myself and did not set out to sell more than one painting, not because of my ability, but because that was not my intent! Thank you everyone for your support!

I will be selling my work on the 9th December at the Vineyard Craft Day in St Albans! Come along as would be good to say hello!

Fitness Goals: I have been seeing results at the gym and although slow progress, I am so pleased to see that it is a result! gains! woop woop! Thank you Coach Alexander LeBoeuf for introducing me to the strong woman concept and forever inspiring me to continue with it. Where I used to hate the gym, I now love it and its changed my whole life!  CLICK HERE TO BECOME PART OF THE TEAM

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 19.57.50.png

Inspiring Others: My FINE ART PROJECTS book is now out and ready to buy. I am so blessed to have been able to finish it on time for the christmas! Over the past ten years of having the art business, I have always wanted to reach out to people who found it hard to draw, but to access the skills in a way that made them feel confident and within their reach. I have designed the book so parents, teachers and children over the age of 8 can create these projects. You can teach the step by step to a 5 year old child and see their face light up when they feel the accomplishment of completing a drawing, giving them satisfaction and self esteem! Art as elevated me into the person I am today. Without a creative outlet and I believe for many people, life becomes unfulfilling.

To buy my book CLICK HERE! Happy learning everyone! xxx

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I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year! This year for me, has been all about healing and growing from what happened in 2016. I have met so many beautiful souls on my travels! Impossible to name everyone....Jo, Andy, Fiona, Matt, for letting me stay at yours. From having the awesome Fighting Giants band play live to just a handful of us and reducing me to tears...! From the strange man who wanted to throw his shoe over board on the ferry to France, to the amazing woman, Diane who I met in a bar in America and taught me that I was enough. To Donna at the Bridge retreat who helped me regain my life back and realise we can achieve all that we want. The friends I have made along the way. Amber for always supporting me and continuing to be my soul sister and for Alex and his sister Sarah who gave me some of the most beautiful moments of my life, everyone at the gym, all my friends in England and America, My family for supporting and believing in me and to be quite frank, the universe. I have learnt so much about people, places, events and myself and I am so thankful to everyone around me past and present. Good and bad. Thank you. I am so glad to be alive and have the ability to rebuild my life again! Thank you x

Here I come 2018!!! lets do this!!! xxx