August 2017 - Art Art Art!

Hello there everybody! Welcome back to my August blog!

This month has been all about art workshops that I have been running in St Albans! I set myself a goal of putting on as many workshops as I can regarding teaching children art. Already, it has been really productive and so fun seeing all my students again! My little inspirational artists! As always I have been centring myself by going to nature. It was raining most days and it was so amazing as i would end up being alone in the woods a lot and just breathing in the wonderful air and being around the trees that I love! This month has also been about putting my mindset into work in general as I wanted to buckle down and deliver the art workshops again to see how I felt doing all sessions again! As well as the workshops, I have been hard at work preparing for two shows in London where I will be exhibiting my artwork. On your marks, get set, go go go! ;)

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 19.35.56.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 19.36.07.png

IDEAS, MEDIUMS, RECOMMENDATIONS: Working with the children's workshops, I always used high quality materials which adults use as I think it is really important for the children to know that they are being introduced to mediums which makes them feel special. The main thing I love using are these awesome oil pastels! They go on as smooth as cake and the colours are so vibrant! The kids love them and they last a lot longer than other cheaper pastels!  CLICK HERE TO BUY

PROGRESS OF MY OWN ARTWORK: As I have said, I have been working hard to prepare for the two exhibitions that are coming up in September! Its been tight time wise, but very useful to work to a deadline as normally I do not have massive deadlines regarding my work. I have been working into the pictures that i started in Vienna. Adding detail and finishing them off. I am going to exhibit clouds as well, but I really feel compelled to show my body of 'bodies' to the world. Its like an inner calling where I know I need to have it visible to people in public whilst I am there explaining and collecting feedback. I feel so many people shy away from bodies in an Art Fair which I find quite strange as I have been bought up to embrace my body and be blessed to have one. All bodies all amazing and beautiful. I wish people would not be so ashamed of their body and feel 'dirty' having themselves naked. 

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CURRENT INSPIRING EXHIBITIONS TO SEE: Modern Art / Oxford / Space tapestry: Earth Observation & Human Spaceflight / Aleksandra Mir / 24 June - 12 November CLICK HERE

RA / London / Summer Exhibition / Installation / August 2017 CLICK HERE

BUYING MY ARTWORK: Curious Duke Gallery, London - CLICK HERE




INTERESTING QUOTE OF THE MONTH: 'Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.' Colin Powell

Look forward to writing to you in September!

Emmylou xx