May 2017 - Lets Do this!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my MAY BLOG! I was in tears leaving my wonderful France in April as it seemed so much like home to me, but onwards and upwards to Massachusetts, America!

I am currently sitting in a funky music bar in America writing this. I have bought my sketch book with me as well as my laptop and pillow....I have realised that if I have my pillow with me anywhere I travel, then I will be fine! I am hitting the gym hard, (twice a day) this month, as when in America, do as American's do.....whatever that is...(decided not to eat loads of fast food) haha

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 19.01.45.png

Massachusetts is awesome and people are so friendly here! They have become like my little family. I went hiking with a great group of people to take pictures of views for inspiration and eat tasty food. I played Corn Hole (Its a game ;)) and sung along to the live music playing in the bars. I am making so many good, positive, inspirational friends here and I am seeing so many amazing places! I knew there was a reason why I was named after Emmylou Harris and it is not for her singing voice, but I have a strong pull towards America! The mountains and beautiful tress are breath taking....Alas...I did not find my Lumberjack...;) While travelling, I have noticed that I no longer feel like I should be somewhere else, doing something else and living not existing like I did when I lived in England and its such a nice feeling to just be happy where ever I am at that time, and know that this is living for me (Just thought I would share that revelation of mine)

I think being in America has made me think about how connection with others is so important. We all need to connect and belong and being here makes it easier than most places I have been. P.s I managed to rescue two baby birds that had fell out of a gutter that they were nesting in, really high up, in the gym and ended up getting everybody involved which was strangely really fun! Jim took a ladder and put the birds back whilst Tom and Carl and of course my soul sister Amber helped. We came back the next day and the birds had died which was sad, but it made me realise that sometimes things like that have to happen to remind you that people care and that we all want to be involved and important in other peoples lives. Made me feel so warm inside.

IDEAS, MEDIUMS, RECOMMENDATIONS: I have been sketching with chalk pastel again whilst away in America. I just cannot get enough of them and found another cheapish outlet to get them -  CLICK HERE TO BUY. I love them so much as they blend like a dream and I cant stop using them time and time again! Like I said in my other blog, use hair spray to fix. I carry a travel sized can so I can go abroad with it more easily than a large can!

PROGRESS OF MY OWN ARTWORK: I am loving taking the time to sketch on the beach and practise getting body parts right! Due to size, I am working in my sketch book for all this month as travelling on a plane with a huge canvas is not easy. I am trying to do more than four hours a day as practise makes perfect!

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CURRENT INSPIRING EXHIBITIONS TO SEE: Britain Through The Lens, Getty Images Gallery, Friday 27th May - CLICK HERE / The American Dream, The British Museum, Opens 9th March - 18th June 2nd -  CLICK HERE

MY ARTWORK FOR SALE: Curious Duke Gallery, London - CLICK HERE


INTERESTING QUOTE OF THE MONTH: One 'hello' could lead to a million things......

I look forward to updating you with my trip to Vienna!

Sending you all a big kiss, Emmylou xxx