'I AM' Workshop - Art & Movement - St Albans (Group)

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'I AM' Workshop - Art & Movement - St Albans (Group)


A personal hour of self healing. A time to reflect on your feelings and release emotions through movement and art!

Come as you are. Comfortable clothes and an open mind. Ready to return to yourself for that one hour.

Time: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Date: TBC

Location: Trestle Arts Base, Russet Dr, St Albans AL4 0JQ

No need to bring anything (art supplies) unless you want to. You are welcome to bring a cushion to sit on as they will not be provided.


Have you ever yearned to let go, express yourself and simply be you without judgement, criticism and a feeling of shame? Creating a feeling of freedom in your life by mark making on a surface to music whilst moving HOWEVER you feel. The empowerment of gifting yourself this time to connect to yourself and feel whole in your mind and body.

This is what my ‘I AM’ Workshop are all about!

My Personal Background

In 2016, I fell into a deep depression. The numbness, sadness and emptiness that I felt bought me close to taking my own life and after that dark moment in time,  I knew I had to save myself. I began to draw. I drew art that didn't make any sense. I moved to beautiful music and i took myself off travelling to paint around the world. I was numb. I was sad. I was empty, but I could still move. Over time, i began to heal my depression. By mark making for no aesthetic result, moving my body and other forms of therapy, I finally came home to who I was. The connection to myself gave me a sense of inner peace that I had never felt before, even as a child. This was when i knew, I could heal myself. My body and mind could help heal my conditioning and trapped emotions and subsequently, my depression.

Listening to our bodies by moving and mark making allows us to be free in who we think we need to be and allows us to simply be who we are.! Our authentic beautiful self!

Workshop Details

These ‘I AM’ Workshops are a safe place to come to. There is NO judgement and NO criticism of any type. You can allow yourself to let go, be free and move to music whilst throwing paint, scribbling chalk, mixing oil pastels etc on a surface. Mixing the paint in between your fingers.

This is your expressive journey, closing your eyes and being completely at one with your bodies. Creative movements and mark making is all encouraged.  


This is my wish for everyone who feels trapped in some way. Be it emotionally, creativity, expressly or just not as happy as you would like to be. This is your time. Your hour to be the leader in your life and allow yourself to FEEL. JUST FEEL and be in the moment with that. Unapologetically authentically you.

How Does It Work?

We will use a big hall where each person has their own space. Nobody will need to introduce themselves as it is all about you. Although the lights will be on in order for you to create art, they will be dimmed and there will be candles, crystals and incense to enhance your experience. I will start with a quick introduction where I explain what you will be doing and I will give a brief demonstration. At the end of the workshop, you will be lead into a brief meditation where you will lay still on the floor.

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