Online art sessions.

My Virtual Art Workshops, which are online and LIVE, allow you to immerse yourself in the experience of creating your own artwork whilst taking yourself on a journey of exploration and learning new art techniques in a relaxed and encouraging environment. It is a time for you to invest in your creativity and produce a wonderful piece of art that you can be proud of.


“Overwhelmed with work and life, I had lost touch with myself and ignored my own needs. This safe place allowed me to truly reconnect with my feelings and express myself without judgement or insecurity…it was liberating!” A personal hour of self healing. A personal hour to reflect and reconnect with the creativity, depth and power of your true nature through art and movement.

free art classes.

I believe that everyone has the right to be creative and to learn. With this in mind I want to offer you all my FREE art classes on my YouTube channel. Let both your children and yourself explore and discover ways to create a beautiful piece of art!

Purchase my Fine Art Project Book.

My 365 Hand Painted Artwork & Greeting Cards

For a year, each day, I painting a piece of artwork that was based on a vision that I received when meditating each morning. Each painting has been produced into greeting cards for you to buy online and from certain stockists.