Emmylou Aurora Shine

Emmylou is a Virtual Creative Art Coach, Muralist and Artist.

Growing up, her family did not own a television which enabled her to become more creative. Emmylou would spend hours in nature, creating her own fantasy world out of rocks, mud, sticks and all recycled materials!

Emmylou has painted all her life and her earlier artwork (Drip Series) convey the importance of tears: raw, vulnerable and deep emotions that we all encounter when creating something new, "Beautiful things get created through pain”. Having gone through severe depression in 2016, Emmylou threw herself into her artwork and created rituals that changed her life completely, healing the condition through creative change and lifestyle!


Emmylou studied Art Foundation and completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She set up her own art business in 2006 and has now coached art to over 14,000 students in 17 years from 4 year olds to the elderly and seen such astounding results, both in the artwork and the impact it has had on their life! Emmylou is passionate about creation as it has been a powerful tool for Emmylou in her life and she wants you to experience the positive impact for yourself which ultimately changes everything in your life!

“As a Creative Coach, I want to help people ‘create’ that not only empowers them, but encourages them to awaken the passion and to enable them to be authenticity true to who they are, whilst incorporating their emotions, using back to basic techniques and materials, but delivered through the amazing medium of technology!”