Online Creative art coaching

My Virtual Creative Art Coaching Workshops, which are LIVE, allow you to immerse yourself in the experience of creating your own artwork whilst taking yourself on a journey of exploration, techniques and relaxation. It is a space for you to choose to ‘gift’ yourself the time just for you.


Have you ever yearned to let go, express yourself and simply be you without judgement, criticism and a feeling of shame? Creating a feeling of freedom in your life by mark making on a surface to music whilst moving HOWEVER you feel. The empowerment of gifting yourself this time to connect to yourself and feel whole in your mind and body -

This is what my ‘I AM’ Workshop are all about!

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Art has inspired and motivated me ever since I was a child! It has aided my healing from childhood bullying, lack of self esteem and severe depression in adult hood. Tapping into my creativity, which we all have, and expressing outwardly what is within me, has turned my life into purposeful living and not just survival.

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My 365 Hand Painted Artwork & Greeting Cards

Each day from1st Jan - 31st Dec 2018, I created a painting that was based on a vision that I received when meditating each morning. Each painting has been produced into greeting cards for you to buy online and from certain stockists.