Online Creative art coaching

My Virtual Creative Art Coaching Workshops, which are LIVE, allow you to immerse yourself in the experience of creating your own artwork whilst taking yourself on a journey of exploration, techniques and relaxation. It is a space for you to choose to ‘gift’ yourself the time just for you.


Have you ever yearned to let go, express yourself and simply be you without judgement, criticism and a feeling of shame? Creating a feeling of freedom in your life by mark making on a surface to music whilst moving HOWEVER you feel. The empowerment of gifting yourself this time to connect to yourself and feel whole in your mind and body -

This is what my ‘I AM’ Workshop are all about!


Creativity and spirituality together, have a very powerful effect on our bodies and minds. I offer 1-1 creative crystal healing sessions. Crystals work by balancing the electrical charges in our bodies, allowing us to release and heal. I use them everyday and feel that they are a powerful tool to ground, centre and express myself more in my creative living!

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