Are You Scared Of Creativity? If So, Why?

Many people that I ask this to say yes. They are not really sure what the question is, but the answer is almost always yes. There is a story from their childhood about a bad experience that they had with an art teacher in school or a piece of art being judged by someone else and they decided that they were not ‘good’ at art from that point forward. They did not realise it, but they had defined themselves by someone who cannot draw or is ‘good’ at art and is not a creative person.

Creativity is not just art. Creativity is music, cooking, gardening, playing, visualising, experimenting, exploring and seeing the world through the eyes of an inquisitive child. Creativity is so much more than being able to draw or paint. Its about the journey rather than the end result.

We are all able to be creative and we all deserve to make time for these things as creativity is the foundation for everything we do in our lives as it grounds us and balances us and that feeling feeds through to all the other areas in our lives, benefitting not only our wellbeing, but our friends, family and the impact in the world. Businesses everywhere are now looking for more creative individuals as computers cannot create authenticity and that is what the world is becoming more of. People want to be more mindful, more present and in the moment with their loved ones. People want honesty and integrity. They want to be more true to themselves which ultimately leads to happiness and thats all that anyone really wants. to be happy.


Being creative once again like the children we were is about letting the rules go. Let other people judgements go and let yourself be free to explore what you find creating is to you. It might be cooking, journalling, cleaning or rearranging a space. It might be building a sand castle or playing with your kids. Whatever it is, step into it and be present with it. Breathe in the moment and know that this perfect moment will never be the exact same again.

To start your journey of being more creative, watch my YOUTUBE video with you child or just yourself and have a go at creating a piece of art with me. Have fun with it and enjoy the moment spent with your child or yourself.

You are worth the time that you invest in living a life thats filled with happiness and authentic moments. You are worth everything you desire and it starts with creativity of the self.

Lots of love,

Emmylou xxx