Thank you for showing your interest in my ‘EXPRESSIVE ART WORKSHOPS’

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Have you ever yearned to let go, express yourself and simply be you without judgement, criticism and a feeling of shame? Creating a feeling of freedom in your life by mark making on a surface to music whilst moving HOWEVER you feel. The empowerment of gifting yourself this time to connect to yourself and feel whole in your mind and body.

This is what my ‘I AM’ Workshop are all about!

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My Virtual Creative Art Coaching Workshops, which are LIVE, allow you to immerse yourself in the experience of creating your own artwork whilst taking yourself on a journey of exploration, techniques and relaxation. It is a space for you to choose to ‘gift’ yourself the time just for you. Creating art is not simply creating a piece of art. It is so much more than that. It is a way that we can express ourselves and realise our full potential. I will lead you through the creative and exciting process of self exploration and learning. I will be focusing on how you can achieve the best results you personally can achieve, whilst using other renowned artist’s work as references!



Your child will experiment with a variety of materials and mediums whilst learning about famous artists, using their influences and techniques. It’s a great way for your child to further their art history, technical skills, relax, have fun and learn at the same time!